Stella Zahir

Stella Zahir was born in the early 1980s in Greece. Her dance experience began at age 3 with traditional Greek folkloric dances. Until age 15, she danced regularly in folkloric dance ensembles throughout Greece. At 15, her passion for dance began to be transformed to oriental dance. At that time, she began taking courses with teachers like Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Aida Nour, Suha Deep, Jillina, Kazafy, Khaled Mahmoud, Nour, Tito, Serkan Tutar, Soraya, Leila of Cairo, Amani, Zadiel, Hale Sultan, Yasmina, Lubna, Ousama Emam, and many others. With great love, she was heavily influenced by Madame Raqia Hassan.

Stella Zahir has performed in several countries including Japan, Germany, Egypt, Italy, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria,Mexico and Turkey. She is now in her eighth year teaching dance and has organized many performances. In December 2009, she initiated her major annual dance festival, "Cairo By Night" featuring national and international stars and live bands from Egypt. Since 2009, Stella Zahir has been teaching at "Ahlan Wa Sahlan", the biggest oriental dance festival in Cairo.