Chronis Taxidis

Chronis Taxidis' travelling time began to deal with the Arabic percussion from the age of 16.

He comes from the Black Sea, where their traditions, helped him become familiar with oriental rhythms, the same with the music of the Eastern Mediterranean.

He began to explore and learn the Arabic music on his own for the first three years. After, he completed his knowledge, having been trained next to one of the few and most important teachers of Arabic percussion , Khamis Khenkesh, with the technique of Egyptian style.Apart from Egyptian tabla he also plays the Ntavoul, Ntof, Req, Sagat, Gonga and bogos.

As a professional musician percussionist in his career ,he has worked with famous dancers of the oriental community in Greece and abroad. He has also taken part in Oriental theater performances, major festivals worldwide, event in entertainment venues, hotels and cultural events.

Also as a teacher he now gives lessons and workshops for musicians and dancers.

Chronis Taxidis is the founding member of the "Anatolian Rhythms Percussion Tabbal group" (2009-2011)

Chronis Taxidis is located in the field of discography from 2009, having produced 3 personal albums:

and he is now preparing for even more.