Moscow, 23 June 2012

      Фестиваль EastWest - первый танцевальный Фестиваль в мире восточного танца, организовавший творческую мастерскую жюри! Во многом это стало возможным благодаря слаженной и профессиональной работе каждого Guest Star! Приглашенные артисты и педагоги Фестиваля EastWest - наша особая гордость! В первую очередь, это беспристрастное, внимательное и щепетильное жюри, настоящая команда профессионалов! Это замечательные педагоги, настоящие творческие личности! Это блестящие артисты, потрясающие мастера! Все "наши" гости: и члены жюри, и педагоги, и артисты Гала-шоу, внесли свой вклад в организацию Фестиваля, оставили частичку своей души в классах и на сцене!!!

Победители номинации Профессионалы в окружении жюри и организаторов Фестиваля

Жюри Фестиваля EastWest

Работа Мастерской Жюри

We invite you to participate in the competition next year.

     International Dance Festival "East West" unites artists, teachers and choreographers from all around the world!! Art enrichment, dance creativity, bright personality - general Contest priority. This is NOT A SPORTING COMPETITION, but Art Event. All participants are artists of big Holiday which is created by each and everyone!!!
General Sponsor
Age, style and category are only formal divisions. Not a minimal detail will slip from the professional jury, and a real artist will be hailed both by the jury and the audience! Everything will be taken into consideration - choreography, mastery, music match, make-up, costume and props. Style limits expansion, stereotype breaking and harmonious combination of new dance solutions will be a plus. The International Jury will award with presents and certificates the performances that will produce the biggest impression and that will be particular, individual and, what's more, artistical!!!


EastWest Festival Grand-Prix
Certificate for "name" composition Tabla-Solo from Guest artist and teacher, international musician and composer Chronis Taxidis!!!

(Composition will be named by the Grand-prix Winner name)

EastWest Festival Winner in the Category: Solo, professional, klassical Raks Sharki
Festival Partnership EastWest & Bazar Oriental Art Exchange presents:
The solo winner gets from our Festival-Partner Bazar Oriental for free:

  • 2 nights Hotel incl. Breakfast in our Festivalpartnerhotel
  • free participation at Live Music Competition "Miss Bellydance of Europe"
  • performance 7 minutes at our Grand Gala Show of Bazar Oriental Festival
  • free entrance to all shows, big bazar of Bazar Oriental Festival
  • 1 free Master-Class (3 hours)
Sponsors' Prizes
  • Video-camera CANON
  • Parfume J'ADORE
  • Professional costume
  • Rehearsal costume
  • Scenic jewelry
  • Photo book "Contest and Gala Show"
  • Scenic materials and 50% discount certificate
Sponsors for nominations: EastWest Contest Winners are performing in the Gala-Show!!!

Contest consists of two rounds: qualifying by video and final at the Festival.
Video must be sent to:

23 June, 2012 The final will be held in the following categories:

Solo, Duet, Group

Each category is supposed to be divided into nominations classics, show, folklore. However, the jury reserve the right to award in any other nomination or to announce a special prize from a judge directly at the contest. Priority in evaluation is given to dance skills and artistic impression. You can show any dance which belongs to direction ORIENTAL DANCE. All participants should be over 16.

  1. Solo

    Dance duration - 3-4 minutes.
    Application fee per one participant: if paid before 01 June - 12 euro, after 01 June - 20 euro.
  2. Duet

    Dance duration - 4-5 minutes.
    Application fee per one duet (per person): if paid before 01 June - 8 euro, after 01 June - 12 euro.
  3. Group

    Dance duration - 5-6 minutes.
    Application fee per one group member: if paid before 01 June - 5 euro, after 01 June - 8 euro.

It is allowed to show several performances in categories (this won't be any privilege in the contest results)

A participant who will pay any Master-class within the Festival framework till 01 June, will participate in Contest for free (the discount is not transferable to other people).

Principal judgment criteria:

  1. Image:
    • Costume
    • Hairstyle
    • Make-up
  2. Acting skills:
    • Semantic correspondence with music/text
    • Contact with the audience
    • Manner of performance
  3. Technique:
    • Rich lexis
    • Sense of rhythm
    • Dance esthetics
  4. Composition:
    • Development (entrance, climax, closing)
    • Musical match
  5. General impression

Evaluation system is deliberative by vote (from 1 to 10 votes). The principal judge does not give votes, but in case of controversial decision has a casting vote.

Filing of applications for participation: To participate in Contest you must flie a standard application form by e-mail or personally not later than 15 June, 2012, and pay the organizational fee.

Application form:

  1. Name, surname; city
  2. Category (Solo/Duet/Group)
  3. Number of participants
  4. E-mail
  5. Contact telephone number

Providing music for Contest:

Music is provided by a participant on CD with only one track recorded in audio-format. The CD must be given to the festival organizers at the registration upon arrival at the Festival. The duration must comply with Contest regulation. You must absolutely have a digital analogue with you.
+7 916 088 16 18